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"...I found everyone that I dealt with at Marathon to be honest, educated, and communicated well both over the phone and in person. I'm thankful that they didn't try to take advantage of me being out of state and during a time of need..."Jerel D. "We are so glad we found Marathon Automotive! From tires to service and repairs, they have always been professional, honest and knowledgeable. We wouldn't take our Honda's anywhere else."Beth M."I highly recommend Marathon Automotive for the following reasons: Friendly and courteous service. Scheduled repairs completed on time. Quality results. Fair and competitive pricing. Dependable shuttle..."Ted Fistler"The staff at Marathon Automotive have the 'attention to detail' that allows my family to travel with the confidence that they will arrive at their destination."Bill White"I can always count on Marathon Automotive to deliver thoughtful, quality service and a good price. I have been going there for decades and they are great to work with."James D. and Christina MacInnes"I am a long-time customer because of friendliness, trust and good work."Dan Tholen"We always know at Marathon things will be done right and if something should be done it is so. And if something doesn't need to be done Marathon will say so. "Harry Janis"...I felt my car was treated with respect long since forgotten by my dealer. BTW the coffee is great while I wait and I like to walk to the surrounding shops and restaurants while I wait on bigger jobs. Keep it up Marathon! A+++++"James D."They are excellent at diagnosing the problem and fixing it quickly. They charge fairly and will do the extra things that make it convenient for you. I consider the staff my friends..."Larry Fatt"If you are looking for an automotive service center that is locally owned and operated by people that excel at service, accurate estimates, and timely completion dates, stop in at Marathon Automotive. "Ed and Carole Trahan"My wife and I both use Marathon. We have always been impressed with the sincerity of the staff, quality of service and feeling part of the Marathon family. Marathon sees the value of us... and we see the value of their service."Chip Petty"My husband is a do-it-yourselfer who trusts nothing to anyone. This is the ONLY place he will "let me" take my Subaru for the few things he doesn't have time for. (And he checks things over when I get home ... )"Patty Marden"Done correctly. Done economically. Done on time."Dave Warren"I have been using Marathon Automotive for all my car (Subaru) servicing needs for the past 25 years. I always find the staff to be very accommodating when scheduling appointments, especially in emergencies..."Pat Buron"We've been using Marathon Automotive for 26+ years and have always received superior service for all of our vehicles, both personal and company..."Sue Kitchen"Everyone is always so helpful at Marathon Automotive. Dave has given me many tips when purchasing a travel trailer, or new car, beyond what is expected. I have used Marathon for ten years for all of my auto repair service..."Sara Cockrell"With equally excellent people skills and automotive skills, the folks at Marathon Automotive provide the best car maintenance ever - anywhere! They're the Click and Clack of the Grand Traverse Region."Amy Tyler"I’ve been using Marathon Automotive services since 1994. If I had to sum up my relationship with them I would say, 'I can trust them.' "Keli MacIntosh"It is always a pleasure to do business with Marathon Automotive. A customer can rely on top-quality work in a thoroughly professional environment... When service is performed, it will be done by highly trained technicians..."Eb and Mary Frixen"...I have had no complaints and no problems with the work that they have performed on my SUV. They are very courteous and make me feel welcome every time I walk through their door. They will always be my preferred choice."Debbie Greensky"It has been my pleasure to have worked with everyone at Marathon Automotive over the years. I have enjoyed your honesty and integrity and feel that you always show a sincere concern for the care of your customers... "Kathy Jabara"I feel as though Marathon Automotive is the best place to take your vehicle. From the moment you walk in, everyone is friendly, professional, and great to deal with. Did these guys get trained by the Ritz Carlton? Their prices are in line with others, and yet they give you so much more value..."Sebastian Garbsch"Knowing that everyone at Marathon is taking care of both of our vehicles... gives peace of mind that will always make it home safely on the snowiest of nights and the hottest of summer days... We love Marathon..."Leslie and Russ Knopp"Marathon Automotive is my favorite place to go for my auto maintenance and repairs. They are honest, friendly, and very accommodating... I like their commitment to use the highest quality and most eco-friendly parts. "Lisa Danto"Always friendly and courteous, take the time to explain needed service and offer options, and most importantly, they stand behind their work. Not the least expensive in town, but worth every penny for the quality work. Tire pricing is competitive, and the honest tire advice is priceless."Timothy Burke"Absolutely spectacular service! I am impressed every visit with the team's ability to not only recognize you, but remember things that were going on the last time you were in."Whitney Fisher Miller"I have been working with the staff at Marathon for over 15 years. On occasion I have tried other companies for car service, but always return to Marathon because of the courtesy of the staff as well as their knowledge of vehicles... "Donna Valdmanis

All Season Tire Ratings & Reviews

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 Our Picks:


#1 Nokian WRG4
There is a reason this is our best selling tire--this is the safest all season tire for any vehicle that sees winter--period. Winter, our seemingly longest and most demanding season is when the WRG4 shines the brightest. The WRG4 offers excellent control and handling on all driving surfaces, wet, dry, snow-covered and clear. The G4’s roots are traced back to a high performance winter tire designed for the high speed roads of Europe. After several revisions this tire made it to the USA as a four season tire. Don’t be fooled by its “all season” moniker, the WR G4's tread compound and design help it outperform all but a few of the world’s best snow tires.



#2 Hankook Optimo H727
This may be the most impressive tire we’ve seen in the last 10 years.  In Consumer Reports November 2009 all season tire test, the Hankook H727 was rated second out of twenty five tested tires. In 2013 it slipped down in the ratings several places but in the area we really care about – snow and ice performance, it still beats or ties every tire in the test.  No, it is not as good as Nokian WRG3 in the winter, but it is measurably better than every other all season tire for winter driving.  What is most impressive is the build quality of this tire.  In our opinion, this is one of the few tires we have seen as round and well balanced as the #1 rated Michelin. This tire really does it all!  Smooth, quiet, long wearing – good winter traction and very reasonably priced.



#3 General AltiMAX RT43
It is rare that we like, and even more uncommon that we are impressed by a mid-level tire. This tire replaces the AltiMAX RT that always performed quite well in Consumer Reports tire test.  Although this tire is too new to be included in the latest tests, we expect it to perform much better than the AltiMAX RT. The changes in tread design (more biting edges) and compounds will assure it a place near the top of most tests. We expect its winter performance to outpace most all-season tires. No competition for the Nokian WRG3, but a darn good performing all season tire especially considering the price.




#4 Continental Pro Contact Eco Plus
A Consumers Digest Best Buy and Consumer Reports #2 rated tire that outperforms or ties the #1 Michelin Defender in all areas except tire wear. That makes sense because the softer tread compounds of the Pro Contact help if outperform the Defender in winter conditions. It still has an 80,000 mile Treadwear rating but we think around 65,000 is more realistic for most drivers.






#5 Continental Pure Contact 
This tire slots in between the Continental Pro Contact Eco Plus and the Continental Extreme Contact DWS. It is Consumer Reports #1 Rated V Speed Performance Tire and comes in H and V Speed ratings.  It is hard to find speed rated tires other than Nokian WRG3 than can be driven in winter. This tire lacks great winter performance, but is just better than most performance All Season tires in the winter. If you want true winter performance in an all season tire you still have to go to Nokian WRG3.





#6  Continental Extreme Contact DWS 
This is the only Ultra-High Performance All-Season tire that you would dare to drive in the winter. This tire is no match for the Nokian WRG3 in winter conditions but if you are looking for tires that see some winter weather, but not a lot, this is a great choice.  The DWS (Dry, Wet and Snow) designation in its name describes it design philosophy. Consumer Reports rates this tire #3 in the UHP All Season tire category






#7 Michelin Primacy MXV4 
This is the #1 rated performance all season tire by Consumers Report. It tops all other tires in almost every category, especially price.  We love Michelin tires…. we just wish they were not so darn expensive.  The MXV4 is an exceptionally smooth, quiet and long wearing tire with the only weak point being winter performance.  The solid shoulder on this tire makes them particularly good on large and heavy cars such as Cadillac, Mercedes, Lexus and BMW.





Our Pans:


Kelly Explorer Plus










Sumitomo HTR T4












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