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Alignment, Front End Alignment, 4 Wheel Alignment or Wheel Alignment; no matter what you call it, these are different names for the same service.   Aligning a car or truck simply means adjusting the steering geometry to the manufacturer’s specifications so that the vehicle drives straight down the road.  In a traditional front end alignment, the front wheels are adjusted, while in a four wheel alignment, the front and the rear wheels are both aligned.

And while it sounds simple, adjusting today’s vehicles can involve a complex series of measurements and a number of different steering and suspension components.  Along with our ASE Certified Master Technicians, Marathon Automotive has one on the most accurate alignment machines anywhere. As a matter of fact, our’s is one of the few machines to be certified accurate enough for Mercedes Benz. Any time you install a new set of tires it is a good idea to have your vehicle’s alignment checked.

What makes us the best choice for aligning your vehicle?

We value your time.
We make appointments for alignments, and strive to have you in and out in an hour for a  front end   alignment, and an hour and a half for a four wheel alignment.

We save you money.
We discount alignments when you purchase a set of new tires.  With the escalating  costs of tires, aligning your vehicle ensures those tires don’t prematurely wear out.

We are committed to accuracy.
By employing ASE Master Technicians and constantly updating training and technology, we strive to provide customers the most accurate alignment possible.

Our customer service is the best anywhere…
There is a reason Motor Age magazine rated us one of the “Top 10 Automotive Shops in the USA”  in their December 2009 issue. AAA also chose us as the only shop in Traverse City to represent them. 

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