Full Synthetic Oil Change

Marathon Automotive's synthetic endurance full synthetic oil change



  • Better for your engine
  • Saves fuel
  • Better for our beautiful planet
  • Saves you time as you need to change your oil less frequently
  • Measurably better low and high-temperature viscosity performance at service temperature extremes
  • Better chemical & shear stability
  • Decreased evaporative loss
  • Resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and oil sludge problems
  • Extended drain intervals with the environmental benefit of less oil waste
  • Improved fuel economy in certain engine configurations
  • Better lubrication during extreme cold weather starts
  • Longer engine life
  • Superior protection against "ash" and other deposit formation in engine hot spots (in particular in turbochargers and superchargers) for less oil burnoff and reduced chances of damaging oil passageway clogging
  • Increased horsepower and torque due to less initial drag on engine

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