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No, we do not have an obnoxiously loud TV blaring Dr. Phil at you.

What we do have is a peaceful and quiet waiting area with free screaming fast Wi-Fi and great coffee. As a matter of fact, we sometimes have trouble getting customers to leave after their vehicle is finished. They say that they can get more work done in our waiting area than they can at their own office!

Ours just may be the BEST coffee you have ever had!

When you drop your car off in the morning, the last thing you need
is one more stop for coffee.

Why is our coffee so good?

#1 First, we filter our water thru a GE carbon filter.

#2 Our shade grown organic coffee comes from mountains of Sumatra, then is locally roasted by the coffee artisans at Higher Grounds at their Building 50 location.  It is usually roasted the same week you’re drinking it!

#3 We grind our coffee seconds before brewing to release the full flavor and aroma.  We use the same equipment that commercial coffee shops use.

#4 Be careful!  In order to extract the full flavor from the beans we brew our coffee at the optimum temperature of 203 degrees.  (Most home brewers brew from 150-180 degrees).

And you thought we were just good at fixing cars.

Higher Grounds Trading Company

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